2013 was a smaller and shorter trip than most, we had some last minute urgent matters to attend to in country. At that time, we were working with multinational NGO called, PACT, which had and still does have offices and operations in eSwatini (Swaziland.) We were implementing a women’s financial literacy program called WORTH. This rolled out over 18 months and impacted about 600 women who were crafts people with another NGO on the ground there called, Gone Rural.
We visited some of the groups of women as they were together for training, you will see large groups of women in the photos above. Additionally, we visited all the schools where Swazi Kids does work, delivering clothing, collecting school receipts and report cards, and otherwise getting up to date on the lives of the kids we impact.
We installed a playground at a home for children in the Manzini Region, see them all playing on that! And we also delivered meat, fresh veg and clothing to these children.
Before leaving, we fit in a fabulous celebration of Swazi Kids graduates. See below four of our top success stories. You see there, an administrative assistant, an electrician, a nurse and a teacher. All of these young adults are now employed and doing very well!
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