3 Generations

This old photo is a classic, this is a grandmother, in the blue dress and her adult daughter, who carries her most recent baby.  When I came to know this family in 1999, the mother (in peach coloured dress) had abandoned her children with the grandmother.


The mother had 8 children at that time, I’m not sure how many she has now. There was no father about, and her children thought perhaps that their mother had a new boyfriend, but they weren’t sure of her whereabouts and not seen her in some months.


I began, through Swazi Kids, to sponsor 3 children from this homestead to be in school and as well, as their situation was particularly dire, Swazi Kids was giving the family a small food allowance. I think it was about $25/month.


When the mother heard news that conditions had changed back at her maternal homestead, with the addition of $25/month, she came back home.  This photo was taken on my second visit, after her return.   Think about that, the lack of or presence of $25 per month is enough for a person to leave or come back home.


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