Fuel and water for food.

Here we see that the kids do all the physical work of the school, including washing the floors and all surfaces on Friday afternoons!

The running boys shot is a day when they were told to wear school uniforms, so that they could be cleaned for a special day, the next day. The boys are running to school, as they are a bit late and could be whipped for this. They are tasked with bringing firewood for the food fire, each day. Today’s was a large score. Those boys are Wonder and Dumiso and have been sponsored since Swazi Kids inception.

Other kids bring water from the river, about 800 meters away, also for the cook fire.

The food is composed of a blend of grains and legumes, mostly corn, rice, large white beans, plus smaller green peas and the like. It’s a gruel really, but obviously, when hungry enough, it is delicious.

Within the first year of providing this food, we encountered some good things and one challenge. The kids grades all jumped up a full grade level, which thrilled the head of school to no end. Now retired, she was a pretty competitive lady and schools are recognized, perhaps even graded, against the exams results of their students. The challenge was that the students also all grew, a lot. They rapidly outgrew their tired old school uniforms (those who had them) and new uniforms needed to be purchased, with Swazi Kids’s help.


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