Feeding program at Matjana

It was clear, early on, that food was needed for these children, in this Kaphunga region.  By now, Swazi Kids was a federally recognized charity in Canada, with a healthy list of donors.

I approached a large and generous donor about beginning a feeding program for the students at Matjana.  They agreed and we have been providing 1 or 2 hot meals daily for these children since about 2001.

Women are hired to prepare this food each school day. As you may see in this photo of the cook, the smoke in the room was horrendous and I found it impossible to remain in the building. This, by the way, is the old one-room school house, re-purposed into the cook house.


In many cases, for the students, this would be the only meal of their day.  By now, AIDS was ravaging this area and many, if not most, were down to one or no parents.  In lucky cases, such as Tall Gogo in a previous post, they were supported by viable extended family, but in many cases their main or only food is/was from school.

You can see by their faces, that they stuff this hot food greedily into their faces.  No implements are needed.


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