Mission Statement

MISSION OF JACARANDA JOURNEYS is to offer travellers a life altering, jaw dropping, customized, safe and wonderful trip. We aim for you to work hard, learn a lot, feel in touch with the local culture, connect with people whose lives are very far from your own, to feel as though you have had an opportunity to give back and make a small difference. While doing all of this, we aim to keep you well fed, comfortable and safe and we promise an amazing safari to close it all out.
huts and boy
HISTORY: The story of Jacaranda Journeys actually begins with the origins of Swazi Kids Society. In the year 2000, as a family, the Carlsons travelled to Swaziland. Having visited the rural areas, Pam and Bruce felt called to do something more than travel through. They began the NGO (not for profit) Swazi Kids Society which has been a federally recognized charity in Canada since 2002. She has lost count of how many trips have been taken to SZ, but it is over 25.
In 2007, the Carlsons adopted a baby girl, Thula, from the country. Their sons, Benji (’92) and Jeremy (’94), have been involved in numerous service trips. Bruce travels with the groups during some years too, when his other work commitments permit. So, as you can see, their roots and involvement in the country run very deep. This company, Jacaranda Journeys, has been spawned out of multiple trips taking family, friends and sponsors to share in the work of Swazi Kids.
tall gogo, Pam and Thula – Version 2
The Carlsons have taken many people, many places, for many reasons. They do not waiver in their commitment to the country, the work and sharing this with other travellers brings them great joy.