Our Team

Pam Carlson

Owner and Team Leader

Pam’s history in the country goes back to the year 2000 when the family travelled to the area. The family created and continue to run a not for profit called Swazi Kids Society. Pam has been to the region over 25 times, taking family, friends and sponsors many times. Her knowledge of and contacts in Swaziland make her a tough to beat as a group leader and she surrounds herself with great people to round out the crew.

Karin Olsson-Burgess

Grounds Asst.

Karin has lost track of how many times she had been to Swaziland since her first trip with Pam in 2007. She is an incredible photographer and took most of the photos on this website. Karin assists Pam in all aspects of the projects, ranging from working with the local people, running for needed supplies, meeting on contracts and the ordering of materials. Karin is friendly and social, making her an invaluable addition to our team.

She lives in Milton, ON. Their family is in the horse racing industry. Karin and Blair have three grown children; Emma, Linnea and Taylor.

Joseph Aryee

Projects Co-ordinator

Joe and his family, originally from Ghana, have lived in Swaziland since 2002.  Pam met Joe as a teacher at St. Michaels Secondary in Manzini, where he still is a full time science and math teacher.  Joe offered to be of support to two female students being sponsored by an NGO and the relationship has grown from there. Joe is very valuable as our local contact; visiting work sites, meeting with contractors, taking measurements, getting quotes and much more.  Joe has a masters degree in Public Health and also the father of three sons and is the pastor in his own church, Lighthouse Chapel International, Mbabane.

Cynthia Aryee


Married to Joe, Cynthia is our grounds person on food! We promise home made and delicious meals whether in a restaurant or on a remote work site. The night before, Cynthia may be found putting together an amazing Moroccan Chick Pea salad or brewing homemade iced tea with mint. The Aryees, are originally from Ghana, have lived in Swaziland since 2003. Their three sons were all born in Swaziland and they now call it home.